Online casino big wins

April 11, 2018 0 By Gabbie Rayes

Online casinos give their members the chance to win huge cash prizes. These amazing prizes can be received in online slots or online casino poker. Naturally, many online casinos also give the prospects of winning exciting jackpot prizes.

One of the more famous online casino awards available is up for grabs in the MegaJackpots franchise. Indeed, one and a half million pounds can be claimed in these online casino games. This amount can be claimed in any of these MegaJackpots games. Online casino members simply have to acquire five of the special symbols on the centre payline to scoop the sum.

There have been a number of memorable online casino wins in these games throughout the past decade. The most famous of these victories came two years ago as one lucky player scooped over 2 million quid in the MegaJackpots online casino game. This gamer was enjoying the Cluedo MegaJackpots title.

This prize can be won in any of these MegaJackpots titles. The fantastic payout is claimed if special images are revealed on the screen in reel spins.

The MegaJackpots series has produced some famous winners. Most memorably, one online casino gamer won over 2 million pounds in November 2008 after playing the Cluedo slots title.

Naturally, other players have claimed amazing cash payouts by experiencing a number of online casino titles. The mobile slots game Elvis Top 20 was the most recent game to dish out the money. This game, which can be played from a selection of online casinos, paid out £1,000 cash to the fortunate gamer in December, 2009.

Other online casino games can also give out the money. Many online casino players play revered table titles. Recently, one very lucky online casino player won over three grand on a blackjack title.

Still, online casino titles aren’t all about the massive payouts and online casino gamers can win smaller awards in a number of slots titles. The successful Dungeons and Dragons and Triple Fortune Dragon games often pay out totals up to one hundred pounds. These games are great for those members who like to play with smaller stakes. The rewards are no less impressive in these popular online casino games.

Naturally, other players have won amazing cash payouts by experiencing a number of online casino titles. Most recently, one online slots gamer collected an exciting prize of over a grand on the Elvis mobile slots title. The thrilling game paid out the money in December last year.

Other online casino titles can also spill out the cash. Many online casino members play revered table games. The news that one gamer claimed over three grand by playing one online blackjack may convince some to begin enjoying this fantastic casino game.